Chairman’s Message

Organising Chairman’s Message

Dear Runners/Sponsors/Volunteers and fellow Team Members,

GREETINGS and welcome to our website - “International Run For Orangutan, 2018”

Allow me to introduce myself, I am Fe de Vera,  the organizing chairman for the upcoming  “International Run for Orangutan, 2018”.  On behalf of my team, I  would like to say thank you for participating  in this inaugural event.  A huge thank you to all our sponsors and participants from Malaysia and beyond.

I am delighted that the event is finally moving forward – an idea that started over a coffee-shop-chat after an aerobics fitness class here in Sandakan.  It started late last year after my involvement in choreographing the children’s fitness zumba dance performance for the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre during the Orangutan Awareness Week.

I have personally known people who worked at the centre for a long time but only recently we started to share similar passion for the conservation of the orangutans at Sepilok.  I begun to understand the issues these animals were facing and how important it is to help protect and conserve them. Their future existence depend on us coming together as a caring society and doing something positive to ensure the survival of the orangutans.

The idea of this run is to create awareness of endangered animals and to pass on the conservation message through this ‘Orangutan Run’ in Sandakan while having a fun filled day.  When Harbour Mall’s representative approached us to explore the possibilities of promoting Sandakan and bringing together the Sandakan community through a public event, everything started to fit together and we collectively presented our idea to the management of Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilatation Centre on our proposed collaboration - so here we are!

The “International Run For Orangutan 2018” which falls on 24th March 2018 date was chosen to coincide with the World Wildlife Day 2018, celebrated on 3rd March 2018 .  Our objective is to create awareness on the plight of the critically endangered wildlife, in particular orangutans as well groom a caring society towards our environment and wildlife, being that Sandakan is known globally for the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre – the first established and the oldest rehabilitation center in the world.

Harbour Mall Sandakan and Fay’s Studio are the main organizers in collaboration with Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilatation Centre. We hope that more participants will come forward, register and join us not only for the love of running but also because “You Care”.

We have much passion for Orangutans and we have made it part of our mission to contribute to the cause. The Run is not only about promoting awareness but also an awakening to Sabahans and the International community that these mammals are not many in numbers, left in the wilderness and we feel by running together, it will create a multiplying effect that more may know, care and do something about our wildlife while helping us raise funds badly needed for the conservation as part of the proceeds from this run goes towards this good cause.

We are not a professional neither an experience team of run organizers but we are dedicated to the cause and determine to make it happen. We hope YOU come forward, join us and tell the world YOU CARE and we can all RUN FOR A REASON.

To the sponsors, volunteers and my dedicated team - thank you so very much, your sponsorship, time, dedication in every small way means a lot to the cause - THANK YOU.

For those heading to Sandakan for the first time, “Welcome to Sandakan”.


Fe de Vera
The Organizing Chairman